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National Directories

  1. 2nd Opinion Specialists Directory

  2. Attract requests for second opinion (paid in advance) to your practice. Boost your patient referrals, local and international patients.
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National Web Sites2

  1. Chronic Pain: Diagnosis And Treatment Results from Mensana Clinic
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International Directories:
  1. Arab Family Web Site & Directory
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  3. Arab Kidney Transplant Directory
  4. Arab Neurosurgery
  5. Arab Orthopedic Surgery
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2nd Opinion Specialists Directory

Requests for second opinions are growing at an astronomical rate. Today, patients are able to receive top quality second opinions from home. This is a major saving on time and cost to receive a valuable second opinion for a serious medical procedure.

Also, more specialists are offering second opinions because it is generating impressive revenues for them while avoiding the mounting menace of malpractice lawsuits which is becoming an unfortunate reality for every care provider.

In fact, second opinions are not limited to the USA. A specialist is able to offer it world wide. For example,  Arab doctors and affluent Arab patients (gold card holders) are very much interested in obtaining 2nd opinions to confirm diagnosis made by local doctors as well as by foreign specialists. Moreover, Arab patients will pay in advance for a 2nd opinion and will provide required items such as medical records, including x-rays and lab results. 

Additionally, all services used in the USA to deliver tissue slides and x-ray films are readily available in Arab countries. For example, FEDEX will pick up/deliver above items to/from Saudi Arabia within 3 days. Similarly, all communications such as FAX, E-Mail ... etc. are also readily available in Arab countries. 

Clearly, due to lack of reimbursement by US insurance companies, Arab countries are the ideal source of clients for your organization. Also, it is important to note that Arab cancer cases are rising at a disturbing rate which may be attributed in some part to lack of 2nd opinions to monitor negative results. Also, road traffic accidents in oil rich Arab countries are rated highest in the world which are leading to a large number of orthopedics and spine cases seeking specialty care abroad. 

Typically, affluent Arab patients seek international specialists because those specialties are not available in their countries. For example, orthopedics surgeons, neurosurgeons, cosmetic/plastic surgeons and cancer specialists are among them. Equally important, is the confidentiality of medical procedures which are usually enforced by international specialists. 

For information about revenue generated from foreign patients, please click here. Arab world is huge (population 245 million, USA pop. 281 million). Once your company/clinic establish a presence in this market, you are likely to generate repeat referrals from Arab executives/doctors (gold card holders) who need your services and are ready to pay for it in advance. 

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